Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years

Happy New Years! We spent New Years Eve at our friends the Thatchers house. They had a big pig roast. The kids had hot dogs and all kinds of good treats. The kids all ran around playing and riding scooters until it got dark. Then they all huddled in the Thatchers camper and watched a movie because it got a little cold out. The adults all hung out by the fire. Then the kids broke out the blowers and light sticks and hats and poppers and had an early New Years countdown at 7 PM. So we called it a night a little before 8 PM. I have no intentions of staying up to ring in the New Year. Jeremy has to work tomorrow so the boys and I will just be hanging out and taking it easy and hopefully watching some football.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jeremy's Major Promotion Ceremony

Jeremy officially pinned on the rank of Major today at a ceremony at his work. Colonel Saltzman presided over the ceremony giving a really nice speech about Jeremy and his accomplishments and giving him the official oath. Colonel Saltzman and I pinned on his new rank on his shoulders. Our neighbor Andy was the moderator of the ceremony which was really nice of him. Jeremy gave a really nice speech thanking everyone including his family. Jeremy also gave me a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Our friends the Brocks also pinned on Major today and they shared in the festivities afterwards. We provided a nice lunch and cake and beer for everyone that attended. There were close to 50 people which was really a nice surprise because so many people were away for the holiday week. The boys were very well behaved this morning despite Aidan missing his morning nap. We are very proud of Jeremy and all that he does in his Air Force career.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Clubhouse

Nick got a Cranium Carnival Clubhouse for Christmas and both boys have had a blast playing in it. I called it a fort and Nick corrected me and said it is a Clubhouse. It takes up the majority of our living room but it has all these fun games you can play like bean bag toss and ring toss etc. Mostly the boys just like to reconfigure it into different forts. Here are some pictures of them playing in it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just Playing Around

Well we spent most of the day putting together toys and playing with them. Jeremy spent most of the day smoking a brisket. The boys and I walked to the park with some friends and tried out Nick's new scooter. We have had a very calm and fun day. Hope everyone else is enjoying their day too.

Christmas Morning

Well Jeremy was the earliest riser this morning as he couldn't sleep from his bad cold. He was nice enough to make breakfast and coffee since he was up. The boys actually slept in longer then I thought they would. They made it until almost 7 am. Nick was so excited about everything. He really loves his Video Game bicycle and has been biking non-stop all morning. At this rate he is going to be skin and bones in no time. He just kept saying Santa brought me everything I asked for. He hugged his Daddy after he opened his Scooter saying he was the best Daddy ever. Funny since I don't think his Daddy even knew what was in the package from him. He was overjoyed to open his Whac-A-Mole tower game too the expression on his face was too cute. Aidan has been bouncing away on his Zebra all morning. He loves that thing but I think he could use like one more inch in his legs to get the full bouncing effect out of it. The best gifts of the day go to Jake both for funniest and most obnoxious. He gave us a tiki kleenex cover which was hilarious and he gave Nick a very loud and obnoxious fire truck. Nick loves it but I am hoping the batteries die quickly in that one. All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas morning. We miss you all!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We just wanted to wish all our family and friends a Merry Christmas! We hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing holiday. We went to Mass tonight and then spent the evening with a bunch of friends enjoying a very casual dinner. Nick had an incredibly hard time settling down tonight because he is so excited about Santa coming. Jeremy of course has been torturing him all day with things like Santa's sleigh crashed and he told him he is staying up to drink a beer with him tonight. The poor kid luckily is starting to figure out that his Daddy is usually joking. Tomorrow we are just going to stay in our jammies and relax most of the day and then we are going to smoke some good food tomorrow night. We hope everyone has as much fun as we are going to have tomorrow seeing Christmas through Nick's eyes. Merry Christmas!

Aidan's Hiding Spots

Aidan has some favorite hang outs in the house now. The dishwasher is only a favorite hang out if there are dishes in it for him to eat and throw. The dog is still his favorite play item as well much to poor Maggies dismay. He keeps us on our toes already.