Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fun with Grandma M.

My Mom has been here all week and we all have been spoiled rotten. Grandma has taken the boys to all their favorite restaurants and to the movie HOP, as well as to bowling. She babysat for us one night so we could have a much needed date night and she spoiled me with a girls day of shopping and lunch for my Birthday this week. I really am a very independent person but I really do miss my Mom and just being able to talk to her all the time. You forget how much you miss someone until you see them again. My boys have been soaking in all the love and attention. I am sure Grandma is going to need another week of vacation to recover from all the crazy business that comes with two boys. We will probably need a week of detox ourselves from all the Grandma love. Luckily, the other Grandparents are coming in a few weeks. I love you Mom. Thanks for coming out to spend time with us!

Happy Easter

Today was a wonderful Easter. We started out by sleeping in a little which was wonderful. Then we had strawberry and whip cream crepes for breakfast. The Easter Bunny brought the boys all kinds of fun toys and candy in their Easter baskets. I love church on Easter it is one of my favorite services all year and it didn't disappoint this year at FBC either. Then we did a huge egg hunt in our backyard with the boys because Nick didn't get to go on a real egg hunt this year and he has been asking all week for one. He misses doing that on Easter with his cousins in California he probably misses the large amounts of money he found in those eggs too! We have been chilling out this afternoon while the boys enjoy their new toys. Nick is playing his new Wii game and Aidan has been playing with his Moon Dough bunny maker. This evening we are going to skype with some family and then enjoy the fruit of my husbands labor as he is cooking us Prime Rib for dinner. So besides the sugar high and the extra 5 pounds I will probably gain from all the candy I have inhaled, it has been a wonderful day. I feel so blessed and am so thankful for all that I have. Mostly I am thankful that Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Aidan's First Soccer Game & Team Pics

Aidan had his first official soccer game on Thursday night. They played the purple team and it ended in a tie. He is on the Panthers team and despite minimal effort being put out at practices he seems to have a little bit of a competitive spirit because he paid attention pretty good and played hard at the game. It was still quite comical as the kids would get in motion often and couldn't stop that motion no matter if they were going in the wrong direction or not. Hopefully, Aidan will learn a few skills over the season but mostly we just want him to have fun this year.

Aidan's School Egg Hunt & Party

Aidan's class had a big Easter egg hunt and party on Friday at his classmate Alivia's house. She lives on the outskirts of town on 5 acres which was a blast for the kids. They had eggs everywhere in their backyard as well as a bouncy house, tree fort, swingset, power wheels trucks and all kinds of fun stuff. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weather day as it was in the 80's. The kids ran around playing for hours. The kids had lunch and all kinds of goodies and got goody bags from their teacher in addition to all the eggs they found. His class didn't allow candy in the eggs due to allergies which actually was kind of nice. He loved opening the eggs and finding coins, bubbles, toys, and stickers. We have really enjoyed this school this year and will really miss it next year.

Nick's Class Art Project

Last Wednesday my Mom and I are were able to help out in Nick's class on their art project day. When we volunteered we weren't told we would be required to actually have art skills in order to help. They were making art projects for Earth Day. So they all brought in old jeans and then we colored earth day pictures on them that then they painted in the outline. Then we had to puffy paint the edges of them to re-outline. Let me just say this is a little out of my realm of expertise. We had a lot of fun and Nick was in Heaven having Grandma come to school with him. Next time I am going to make sure it is a simpler project before I help out.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Last Wednesday we finally got around to dyeing Easter eggs with Grandma. It was our only night of the week that we didn't have anything going on so we took advantage of the free time and hung out with the boys. Aidan loved it but Nick is getting too old to think the activity was that fun. I am glad my Mom is here to eat all the hard boiled eggs because I hate them. Hopefully, her and Jeremy can eat a few before they go bad so that we don't have to waste all those eggs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our New Home

Our next house

Well it is official we are moving to Washington D.C. and the clock is beginning to tick down on our time here in Prattville. Jeremy graduates from SAASS in less then 60 days and we will move hopefully a week or two later. We found a new house to rent in Woodbridge, VA which is about 20 miles outside the city.

So our new address as of July 1, 2011 is:
The Olsons
3506 Beaver Ford Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192

We are excited to be moving but a little sad to be leaving Alabama too. I am sure we will have many wonderful new adventures and make many new amazing friends just like we made here but all the changes are a little overwhelming right now. So make your plans to come visit us. We have 5 bedrooms so there will be plenty of room. Dulles is the closet airport to where we will be living. Hope to see many of you out in the Nation's capitol.

Aidan at Soccer

Here are a couple of pictures from Aidan at his first soccer practice. It is a highly comical age to watch. He is learning a lot and is really excited for his first game this week. He isn't so into the shinguards though. He is constantly trying to take them off. We will try to take some video this week of his first game.


We went to Eggcitement an Easter event for kids at my church today. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs, playing games, jumping in the bouncy houses, riding horses, carousels and trains, and eating way too much candy. They got to decorate egg shaped sugar cookies with jelly beans and frosting which were quickly devoured. Despite the crazy wind that could practically knock you over it was a great day.

Aidan's Zoo Field Trip

Aidan's class went to the Montgomery Zoo at the beginning of the month for a field trip. We go all the time since we have a season pass so Aidan was showing all his classmates all his favorite things. Even though we go all the time we were amazed at how active the animals were early in the morning compared to when we usually go. We finally spotted the hippo who always seems to be hiding in the water and we found out that they actually have 3 cheetahs instead of 2. The kids had a great time and Aidan enjoyed riding the train and playing on the playground after lunch too.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nick gets a Hit

Here are a few videos of Nick hitting at his games. I wanted to post a video of Aidan from Thomas but I will have to try again later this week because it took almost an hour to upload these two videos. I am not sure why it takes so long to upload videos to blogspot.

Baseball Season Begins

The baseball season began in dramatic fashion last weekend with tornado sirens. We went out to team pictures at noon and then we had a break before our 3:00 game which eventually got cancelled because of a huge storm that passed through at that time. We have had two games since and have two team losses so far. Nick is on the Dodgers this year. I think that is way better then the being on the Yankees. Nick's team has some talented hitters but they are still in need of some work on fielding fundamentals. They still use a pitching machine this year but there are a lot of other changes at the AA level. They get to play on the bigger fields this year with a grassy infield and the ball is always live unlike single A ball where they can call time when they get it back into the infield. Nick still loves to play and is enjoying getting to play some new positions this year. I will try to post some video of him hitting soon.