Saturday, November 10, 2012

Neighborhood Holiday Parade

Today we marched in our neighborhood's Holiday Parade. Aidan marched with his Karate place and Nick marched with his Cub Scout Pack. I walked with Aidan so I got more pictures of him. He kicked and punched the whole way yelling Hi-ya! He loved it! Nick said he had a good time too. We were towards the beginning of the parade so we were able to see some of the floats and bands and of course Santa on the fire truck at the very end.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hidden Pond Nature Center

Yesterday we met some of our best friends from Alabama up near their house in Springfield, VA. We don't get to see them much anymore since all the kids are in school but since everyone had the day off we decided to take advantage. We met at this awesome park by their house called Hidden Pond and paid the $6 to go to the Nature class. The kids learned about what animals do to get ready for winter and then went on a nature hike out on the trails. They made little habitats to help the creatures outside. Then they came back inside and colored pictures and got snacks. Then we played on the playground for a while and wore them out. Then we decided to venture to McDonald's for lunch. It was wonderful to see everyone again and it really helped break up a long 5 day weekend.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raking Leaves

Well I attempted to rake up the leaves in the front yard today all by myself. Unfortunately, the kids had other plans. For every pile I raked up they were destroying another one which I would just have to rake again. The little boy next door was so adorable I couldn't possibly be mad at him for destroying the same pile over and over and over again. He was just so happy it was contagious. Plus it kept all the kids outside playing for over 3 hours today so I consider that the biggest success of all. I only got 5 bags raked up so according to my calculations from last year that just leaves about 70 more bags to go.