Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Beautiful Evening

We enjoyed a gorgeous evening here in Alabama. It was in the 80's but finally no humidity so it felt much cooler to us. So we grilled up some hamburgers and sat out on the patio and enjoyed a gorgeous evening as the sun set. Hopefully, as the weather continues to cool there will be many more nights out on the patio.

Grant's Birthday Party

My friend Meg's son Grant turned 2 on Saturday and so the boys and I attended his pirate themed birthday party at the play place at the YMCA. It was the perfect brithday party location for crazy energetic boys because they pretty much ran around non-stop for 2 hours. They stopped just long enough to eat some cake.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

East Chase Run

My friend Kerry from MN.
My friend Meg the superstar runner.

Aidan tackling the bouncy house.
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.
Aidan hitting the ball in the bouncy house.

I ran in the East Chase run with my new running buddies Megan and Kerry. It was a fun race and they provided childcare which was great. They also had bouncy houses for the kids after the race. They had a huge BBQ lunch afterwards and tons of food post race. Aidan would have stayed all day bouncing if he could. I am clearly out of shape as far as racing goes but I was still glad I did it.

Bassmasters Angler of the Year

We went to the Bassmasters Angler of the Year Final Weigh In last night. We got soaked by a huge rainstorm that moved through and left completely soaked and full of mud. Despite the rain we had a great time. They had free BBQ to eat and they gave away tons of freebies from hats to movies to lures and t-shirts. It was kind of hard to see the actual anglers on stage because everyone had umbrellas up so we had to watch it on the big screen tv most of the time. Kevin Van Dam pulled the upset and won angler of the year. The anglers weren't doing any meet and greet last night so Jeremy took Nick to Bass Pro Shops to meet them all and get them to sign his new fishing hat today after Football.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bassmasters on Lake Jordan

Kevin Van Dam signing Nick's shirt.

Skeet Reese signing Nick's shirt.

Ray Scott the founder of B.A.S.S.
We went to Wetumkpka today to watch the best 12 bass fishermen in the world weigh in their big fish after fishing all day at Lake Jordan. It was actually pretty cool and the boys were totally in awe especially Jeremy. There were lots of big beautiful bass boats and some pretty big fish. It was all taped and will air on ESPN on September 27th. We are going to DVR it and see if we see ourselves. They have another tournament next weekend in Montgomery so we are hoping to go see the weigh in for that too. Nick stood right next to the fence with a bunch of kids and he got all of their autographs on the back of his t-shirt. We got to meet Mike Iaconelli, Gerald Swindle, Kevin Van Dam, Skeet Reese, and many more. We also got to see Mark Zona and the ESPN guys. Nick was so in awe of being up close to the fishermen and so star struck by them signing his shirt. Aidan and Nick both caught a bunch of freebie tackle they were throwing out at the beginning of the show. Aidan hasn't let go of his bag of worms since. We really had a great day today but now we are all tired and ready for bed!

Nick's First Football Game

Nick before the game.
Nick and best friend Ryan before the game.

Climbing the bleachers.

Getting instructions from the coach.

Aidan climbing under the bleachers.

Taking his turn on the bench.
Playing defense.
Aidan hanging from the bleachers.
Taking a knee for the prayer before the game.
Nick is #3.
Stretching before the game.

Today Nick had his first football game of the season. They played hard but lost 20-0. They killed themselves with penalties and bad tackling every time they got the momentum going in their favor. They are the red team. Their team name is the Lions. Hopefully, their season won't end up like the Detroit Lions. Nick is #3. Nick seemed to enjoy himself even though he was getting pummeled by much bigger guys on the line. Aidan hung out most of the time underneath the bleachers or with a group of little girls running up and down the bleachers. He could have cared less that his brother was playing on the field.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aidan's First Day of School

Aidan went to school as he calls it today. He is in a Mom's Day Out Program at our church. He goes from 9:00-2:30 every Wednesday. He was so excited because he finally gets to go to real school like his brother and his Daddy. He proudly carried his backpack and lunchbox to the car this morning. He wanted to ride the bus like his big brother but after we got in the car he didn't seem to mind. He walked right in his classroom and didn't even turn around to say goodbye. So I am enjoying my new found freedom and enjoying a kid free trip to the grocery store and then I am going to meet some friends for lunch.