Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Party Pics

My favorite gym buddies

The whole crew

My last and favorite spin class.

All the girls being silly at the party.

Here are a few more pictures from last night's party that Eleanor sent me. The one with the bikes is from my last spin class. From left to right in the final picture is Gretl, Kathy, Olivia, Debbie, Phyllis, me, Lisa, Pam, Erika, and Eleanor.

Saying Goodbye

The mud mamas Olivia, Erika, me and Phyllis.

The sunset view off of Eleanor's deck.

Last night, my gym buddies had a going away party for me. All of my favorite training partners were there and we had so much fun! These are the people who have kept me motivated over the last 5 years and have inspired me to do triathlons, mud runs, play golf again, etc. These are the sweetest ladies in the whole world. We had a big potluck dinner and great drinks and enjoyed one last night of comaraderie. My friend Eleanor was so sweet to host it at her stunning home with amazing views but she also is a photographer and took pictures of me with everyone and made me an album before the night was over. It was so sweet. My friend Debbie also gave me a work-out magazine and said she bought me the new subsciption and sent it to my new house so I would have mail waiting for me when I arrived. She is so sweet! I got so many other great presents that were too personal to go into without shedding more tears. I love these girls and will always have a special place for them in my heart. Luckily, I didn't shed too many tears last night because I didn't have to say Goodbye to my best friend Olivia as I am going to see her again tomorrow at the spa.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nick and Aidan's Going Away Party

We met some of Nick and Aidan's good friends for lunch at Chuck E Cheese yesterday for a little going away party. The kids played for almost 3 hours and had such a great time. It has been a really emotional week as our time draws near here at Vandenberg. We have had quite a few meltdowns from the boys and I know it is because they are sensing some of our stress. I have been in tears more then a few times this week from some very sweet moments. Nick's best friend Grant took a picture of himself in the Chuck E Cheese picture station and gave it to Nick to remember him by and I swear I was balling. Then today at the gym Nick and Aidan's favorite child care worker brought them a huge bag full of stuff for the airplane for a going away present. It was full of great stuff like coloring books and snacks. People have been so helpful and thoughtful it is making it hard to leave. We have a very busy weekend ahead of us with 4 more good-bye parties and Jeremy and I are going to celebrate our anniversary early on Saturday night. So if we make it to Tuesday without collapsing we will be all good.

Nick's Last Day of Kindergarten

Nick driving the fire truck.

Aidan sporting the fire helmet.

Aidan got to play in the fire truck all by himself for 20 minutes.

Nick eating hamburgers at lunch with his classmates.

Nick and Aidan bouncing in the boys bouncy house.

Aidan hamming it up for the camera.

Nick climbing up the rock wall.

Nick's last day of school was last Thursday and they had a huge field day with games, bouncy houses, rock walls, a fire truck, and a BBQ picnic. Aidan and I went to watch and hang out and Aidan had as much fun as his brother. They had hamburgers, salad, chips, and juice for lunch and ice cream sundaes for dessert. It was a beautiful day to be outside too. As we were leaving the parking lot Nick was jumping up and down and saying "I'm a first grader now." Nick really enjoyed Kindergarten and has come so far in a year. He can read now and write pretty well. He has amazing math skills already and really enjoys being at school. His report card said he mastered all the skills except tying shoes which he never wears tie shoes so I guess that is our fault. It said in the comment area that Nick still struggles with being too social but that he was a total joy to have in the classroom. Sounds just like Nick for sure. Nick is excited but nervous about the new school year in Alabama. We still aren't sure where we are going to send him. Hopefully, we will get to tour a few schools when we arrive and that will help cement our decision. La Purisima was a great fit for us this year. It was a small classroom only 14 kids in Nick's class but the school had such a family atmosphere that my kid knew everyone in all the grades by name. And mostly, I loved that he learned about God everyday and they just really displayed Christian values in everything they did. Some lessons you just can't put a price tag on.

Nick's Last T-Ball Game

These are just a few pictures from Nick's last t-ball game. It was actually a couple of weekends ago but I haven't really had anytime to upload pictures until now. He played really well. He hit a couple of doubles and made a lot of outs while he was the pitcher. It was really fun to watch. Next year it will be on to coach's pitch league. We have some baseball cards Nick has been bugging me to send out but I think I will just hold on to them now and let him hand them out when we get to Minnesota next week.