Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playgroup Halloween Party

Today Aidan had his playgroup Halloween party. We met at one of the Mom's houses and they pretty much ran around non-stop for 3 hours. There were tons of Halloween treats and fun. It was so hot out that most of the kids ended up without costumes on because they were sweating to death. Aidan has had a Halloween party almost every day this week. He just keeps saying "me go to party today." Yesterday he had a blast trick or treating at school too. Tomorrow we are headed to Fall Fest at our church for more Halloween fun. By the time we make it to Saturday we may not even need to go trick or treating.

Nick's Final Football Game

Nick played his final football game of the season on Tuesday night under the lights of the high school stadium. They lost but it was really close. They played their little hearts out. They had a little ceremony at the end where they got medals and had cupcakes for someones birthday. These pictures didn't turn out very well because my camera sucks and it was raining.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ACSC Fall Fest

We had a great time at the ACSC Fall Fest at Jeremy's work. They had 4 hallways each with many different classrooms decorated differently for trick or treating. They had all kinds of games and crafts for the kids to do and they had a Magic Show too. They had firetrucks and a huge food tent with cotton candy, popcorn, donuts, every baked good you could imagine, drinks, hot dogs etc. And the best part was it was all free. Jeremy worked the late shift in his classroom after we left. His room was on the frightening floor so we weren't able to see it. The boys had so much fun and were thoroughly exhausted when we left.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football Game and Party

Nick getting his trophy from his coach.

Hanging out during the awards ceremony.

Showing off his trophy.

Swinging away.

Eating cake and ice cream.
Being silly at the park.

Nick and his best bud Ryan hanging out.

Aidan riding the Choo-Choo.

Today Nick had his last Saturday Football game and his end of the season party. Technically, they have one more game on Tuesday night where they play under the lights of the big stadium. They lost again today but they played hard. It was freezing cold this morning (around 49 degrees)and Aidan managed to crack his head open at the game. So needless to say it was a rough start to our morning. After the game the team met at a park and had pizza and cake to celebrate the end of the season. The kids had a blast running around the park depsite the cold and feeding the ducks and just hanging out. The coaches handed out trophys to the kids and had a little awards ceremony. Nick is very proud of his little Football player trophy and already put it on the shelf in his room.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nick's Day Off

Today Nick had the day off from school due to a built in weather day in their calendar. I'm not sure what kind of weather happens between August and October in Alabama that would constitute needing a day off from school but since we didn't have any of the said weather we got a free day off of school. So the boys and I went and got our flu shots and I bribed them not to cry and behave while in the clinic by saying we would go to Chuck E Cheese afterwards. And they were good and Nick looked like he was going to cry but toughed it out. So we spent the afternoon having lunch and playing at Chuck E Cheese. It was really quiet there because Montgomery schools didn't have the day off so we really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pumpkin Express

Last weekend we went to Calera, AL and rode a real train out to a pumpkin patch which my boys thought was the best thing in the world. Once at the pumpkin patch they had hayrides, bouncy houses, games, tattoos, snacks, etc. It was really nice. We got sprinkled on a little bit while we were there but we still had a great time and brought home 2 big pumpkins.

Logan Martin Lake

We spent Columbus Day weekend at a cabin we rented on Logan Martin Lake which is a little over an hour from our house. We lucked out because it was supposed to rain all weekend and we got a sprinkle late Friday night and then it didn't really rain until we were getting ready to drive home on Monday. It was down right hot on Friday near 90 degrees but then it cooled off into the upper 70's and low 80's the next 2 days so it was perfect lake weather. We fished and caught lots of fish. The boys swam and fished off the docks and enjoyed playing with the neighborhood dogs that were always at our door. We took out their canoes and kayaks one day too. We roasted marshmallows and had a bonfire and mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. The leaves are just starting to change colors down here so it was wonderful riding around the lake in the boat and taking it all in. We will definitely be back to this cabin sometime.