Monday, August 22, 2011

Pirate's Day in Alexandria Bay

On our last day in New York we went up to Alexandria Bay which is right along the border and went to the Pirate's Day Festival. It was a beautiful little area right on Lake Ontario. It reminded me a lot of Duluth. Just beautiful scenery with castles and million dollar homes lining the shores and all the islands. My kids enjoyed the pirate demonstrations and the snakes and of course ice cream and pirate booty. It was a very fun way to spend our last day in New York. My battery died in the middle of this trip so I have some better pics on my phone I will try to upload this week.

The Beach

One day we went to the beach on Fort Hood and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. The weather was perfect for it as it was warm enough to swim but not so hot that you felt like you had to be in the water to survive like in Alabama. The kids enjoyed swimming and the water slide and building sand castles. They were exhausted at the end of this day and were sleeping before I even turned off the light. We love being Beach Bums!

Smashed Potatoes

Nick and Aidan loved playing this game that their cousin got for her Birthday. Basically you make a potato head out of play dough and then you go around the board trying to avoid getting smashed in the middle. I will have to keep it in mind for Christmas present ideas.

The Whole Olson Clan

This is the whole gang minus MJ who is sleeping on the couch across the way and Jeremy of course who didn't come with us. Nick didn't like that MJ wasn't in the picture so we had another photo session the next night with Grandpa's camera.

Birthday Cookies and Presents

We celebrated Bridgette and Caity's birthdays while we were there and the kids made their own sugar cookies which was enjoyed by all the kids. They weren't nearly as enthused with eating the cookies as they were with making them.

The Farmers Market

One day we went and visited the Farmer's Market that was across the street from our hotel. It had all kinds of good food, wine, books, vendors, and musicians but my kids were most fascinated by this lion out in front of the library.

The Cutest Baby in the World

Ok so she isn't really a baby anymore and of course I am a little prejudiced since I am her Aunt but MJ is by far the sweetest and cutest baby there is. My boys and I fell in love.

Playing at the Park

One night after dinner we walked over to the little park behind Becky and George's house. The kids had a blast being silly with their cousins. Here are a few pictures from that night.

Old McDonald's Farm

We traveled to Upstate New York this past week to visit family and had a great time. One day we went to Old McDonald's Farm just like the song E-I-E-I-O. They had all kinds of great things for the kids to do. They had an awesome tractor ride where you got to feed these monster sized pigs and cows which the kids loved. They had all kinds of animals that were running around and you could feed from goats and bunnies to kittens. They had mini-golf(which was the boys favorite thing) and bouncy houses. They also had a farmers market and restaurant. The kids had so much fun they were asking to go back already on the drive home.

The Angry Bird Obsession

I had heard many people talk about this game called Angry Birds for years but really didn't pay it much attention. Well Aidan's best friend Grant brought his angry bird over to play and then Aidan became obsessed and wanted his own angry bird and begged his Daddy to buy the game for him on his IPad and the home computer. So now he plays Angry Birds all the time and I am amazed at how good he is at it. He and Nick also got an Angry Bird at K-Mart the other day when they were on sale. So now we are officially an Angry Bird obsessed household.