Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oven Disaster

This is what happens when you preheat the oven without checking the inside first. Aidan thinks the oven is a very fun toy for some reason and left a plastic caterpillar inside it one day. So I went to preheat the oven on Friday night and suddenly smelled the worst smell ever and realized something was burning in my oven. Burnt plastic is not only awful smelling but it is really hard to get out of the oven. I used to think my first child was a handful but he is a Saint compared to his little brother. I swear I am going to commit myself to the looney bin sooner rather then later!

Maggie's 6th Birthday Party

Nick's good friend Maggie turned 6 last weekend and we went to her birthday party at the Aquatic Center. Both boys had a great time! Aidan learned how to go down the water slides all by himself and now he doesn't want his Mom's help at all. It is amazing how fast that changes. Nick had a great time running around with all his friends so much so that I barely saw him. He tried to go up to the super tall slides with his friends but they sent him back down because he wasn't tall enough. He was devastated. I think it is a stupid rule since he can swim he should be able to go on them. It shouldn't be based on your height. It didn't keep him down for long as he jumped right back in. They ended the party with some cupcakes which both my boys only ate the frosting off of.