Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aidan's First Fall Soccer Game

Aidan had his first soccer game this morning. He is on the Cheetahs this season. They don't really keep score in his league and although he is on a team of 10 kids they split up and play 2 teams of 5 on 5 so all the kids can play the whole time which is great because they get to learn so much more. They really just run around in a mob most of the time but they all had a great time. Aidan scored his first goal ever today and he was really proud. We just got the uniform today so we didn't know how big it was but his shorts were so big they were falling off the whole game so most of the game he ran while trying to hold up his shorts at the same time. Next week we will wear our own black shorts. He is still figuring this soccer thing out so hopefully he will learn a lot this season. I will try to get better pictures next week as it was raining and I was sitting on the far sideline so I didn't take very many pictures.

First Flag Football Game

Nick had his first flag football game of the season today and he had a blast. He is on the Jaguars. They beat the Green Bay Packers today despite giving up a couple of safeties in their own end. They had some great plays and Nick did great at all the positions he played today. He played some running back and quarterback and center. It was a little chilly sitting out there in the 50's and drizzle this morning but it felt like Fall and football weather.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Aidan's first day of School

Today was Aidan's first day of school. He had the official meet and greet on Friday where they got to stay and play for an hour but today was his first day all by himself. He has been ready for weeks especially since Nick started school. He was still disappointed that he doesn't get to ride the bus yet like big brother. And now there is complete silence in my house which is a weird but enjoyable thing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School for Nick

Well the first day of school arrived today with lots of rain. Nick is in the third grade at his new school Springwoods Elementary. The whole family got up early to walk to the bus stop with him. We met some new neighbors at the bus stop including one that has a third grader and a four year old. Another neighbor has a little 4 year old too and they both go to Aidan's school so that is good. We are hoping that Nick enjoys his new school and continues to learn a lot.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reston Petting Zoo

Yesterday we went with the Vlauns to the Reston Petting Zoo. It was this great little hands on zoo where they have this huge petting barn where you get these little baby bottles full of milk and they give you grain pellets to give to all the animals. The animals just devour it out of your cup and practically attack each other to get to the cups. The boys just loved this. You had to work pretty hard to get the babies to drink the milk but Nick was so patient and just kept finding the little ones who would drink and he got all of his bottle finished off. Aidan kept getting his cups stolen because he would freak out and let go of the cup. Luckily, the animals gave them back when they were empty. They also had this safari tractor ride where you see camels and zebras and these huge 2 horned animals that looked like Texas Longhorns but they weren't. The kids had so much fun and can't wait to go back.

Kids N Motion and Best Buds Forever

Last week we went to Kids N Motion a bouncy house place by our house with our good friends the Vlauns. Grant and Aidan were inseparable. A lot like brothers because they would be hugging one minute and fighting the next. They kept breaking the rules and kept coming down the slides together. It was really funny. A great exhausting time was had by all.

Potomac Nationals Baseball Camp

Last week Nick went to the Potomac Nationals baseball camp. All of the players on the team come out and give the kids instruction then they have an autograph session and lunch together and hang out and see the locker rooms etc. On the last day of baseball camp they give out tickets to that nights game and the kids get to go out on the field during the game. Nick was in awe of being able to work with these 'real' players. It was a very fun week for him.