Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Roller Coaster

Aidan got the Step 2 Roller Coaster for his birthday from Mom, Dad and big brother Nick. He loves it! He rides it over and over and over again. Of course, within 5 minutes of having it set-up he figured out how to ride on it standing up and backwards. He is quite the dare devil like his big brother. His big brother likes to ride it too and it has made our house a very popular place to play lately. Sorry about Jeremy walking in the footage at the end of the video. He didn't know I was filming. I highly recommend this product!

The Wow Wow Wubbzy Party

We had a Wow Wow Wubbzy party for Aidan on Friday night with all the neighborhood kids. There were 15 boys in my tiny house. It was pretty crazy. Luckily, it was a beautiful evening so they were able to play outside. Aidan is obsessed with Wubbzy right now. We often have to watch his Wubbzy DVD on repeat for hours. He got many wonderful Wubbzy items for his birthday. He got Disco Dancing Wubbzy which is the one with the crazy hair in the picture. It talks and dances kind of like Tickle-Me Elmo. He also got Soapin Suds Wubbzy for the bath tub from Grandma M. He loves that thing because it makes bubbles in the tub. And sorry Grandma O. we didn't know the Beanie Baby Wubbzy was for Valentine's Day. We opened before reading and it was the day Aidan was in the ER so we just let him have it. He sleeps with the beanie baby Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden everynight. You should hear him say all their names. It is soooo cute! I attempted to make him a Wubbzy cake. It wasn't pretty but Aidan knew who it was and it tasted good. Hopefully, this Wubbzy phase doesn't last too long as he can be kind of annoying after a while.

Aidan's 2 years old!

Aidan turned 2 this week! I don't know how that happened. He is growing up so fast. It has been such an up and down year this year with him health wise that we are so happy to be at this point. He continues to amaze us everyday. It is so overwhelming how far he has come in a year. He can talk your ear off now and count to ten. He can run around and do almost everything his big brother can do physically. He is so funny and sweet that I often find myself wanting to cry when staring at him while he sleeps. These are the moments that make motherhood the best job in the world. I love you Aidey-Bear!

Playing at Cocheo Park

Sorry it has been so long since I uploaded some pictures. These are actually from Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We enjoyed a day off with Nick. We hiked up to Cocheo park and played almost all day as it was gorgeous out. We packed a picnic lunch and found a nice shady spot to eat it. The boys ran around playing with every child that came near them. They particularly love the slides and swings. After our long walk home we stopped by the gas station for an ice cream cone since it was so hot out. We truly enjoyed the day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

California Sunshine

Going so fast he fell right off the end

Aidan and his favorite person Miss Meg

Fighting over who gets to use the Super Soaker

Holding up the slip and slide line by refusing to get up

Sorry to all those reading this from the freezing cold but we have been enjoying a major heat wave here. The boys have been playing in shorts all week. Today we had a neighborhood pool party. We pulled out the pool and slip and slide. All the boys got their super soakers out and proceeded to run around for hours. It is really easy to forget it is January and winter when you are burning up from sitting in the sun. We will seriously miss this next winter. The video is of Nick and his buddy Grant A. running on the slip and slide.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pancake Mess

Every Mom knows that quiet is always a sign of trouble. I thought Aidan was resting in our room watching cartoons because it was almost his naptime when he came out completely white as a ghost covered in pancake mix. Not only did he steal in entire brand new bag of pancake mix out of the pantry he then proceeded to dump it all out on my bed and throw it over every inch of my bedroom. I swear that kid is giving me gray hair. If he weren't so darn cute I would have been pissed at him. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to even get mad. So now I get to spend nap time scrubbing the tub, washing sheets, and vacuuming up every inch of my bedroom. I am sure my Mom is getting a good chuckle out of this because I am sure this is payback for all the horrible things I did as a kid.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wind Caves

Jeremy and Nick went back to the Gaviota State Park to try and finally reach the top of the trail and see the wind caves. They made it and took some gorgeous pictures from the top. Jeremy said it was a very difficult climb and people kept saying they were so shocked that Nicholas could make it all the way up there. He is a very good climber. He was so proud of himself and he really enjoyed the bonding time with his Daddy. It has been unseasonably warm here. We have been enjoying temps in the high 70's so it has been perfect for hiking and playing outside.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Driving the Train

Nick's favorite climbing tree

Yes I know I am going up the slide!

Nick doing the monkey bars

Happy New Years! I can't believe it is 2009 already. Where did 2008 go? I know most people are happy that the year has turned over given the tough economic times but I have spent the last few days really reflecting on all of the blessings we have had in 2008. Jeremy pinned on Major at the beginning of the year and then we were blessed with guests for Aidan's first birthday. Jeremy got to go on a fabulous fishing trip with his buddies in Texas. Then even though it was absolutely terrifying at the time we handed Aidan over to the surgeons at UCLA in June and it turned out to be a huge blessing in his very painful, and life threatening, battle with reflux. This year Nick started to read and ride a bigger bike and went off to his first day of Kindergarten. He finally seems to have found a good regimen of meds that are controlling his asthma too. Aidan has started to potty train and has learned to talk this year. We were also blessed to see all of our family during a family vacation to Minnesota in July. These are many of the memories from 2008 that I will hold on to for many years to come.

2009 is sure to be just as exciting and crazy as 2008 for our family as we are moving across the country to Alabama in July. Before we go I hope to soak up all the strawberries and sun that I can as well as take many more fun trips around California. Hopefully, we will get to see many of you this year in our cross country adventure. We miss you all and hope 2009 brings you much peace, joy, love and prosperity.

The pictures are from our New Years trek to the Choo-Choo park. The video is of one of Nick's favorite 2008 accomplishments, being able to do the monkey bars.