Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A very Angry Bird Birthday

Here are a few more pictures from Aidan's birthday that I finally got off of Jeremy's phone. Aidan still loves Angry Birds and so we made angry bird cookies for school as well as his angry bird cake for at home. The pictures are from his school party. He didn't like that all his friends were singing to him. He is my rather shy child. He also got an angry bird winter hat with attached mittens which he wears all the time regardless of it being cold outside. He also got an Angry Birds sweatshirt that he loves too. He plays his angry bird board game from Christmas all the time and loves to play it on the i-pad and i-phone whenever he is allowed.

A Grandma's Love

My Mom was here for a week at the end of January and we all loved having her here. My boys basked in the constant attention and love. Aidan slept with her every night and cried when she left. He loves his Grandma. I didn't realize how much I had missed my Mom until she showed up. I love talking to her as she always gives me this peace about everything and reminds me that I am doing a good job and to keep at it. I am so thankful for such a great Mom who spoils us rotten with love and prays for us in a way no one else could. Looking forward to seeing more family again soon. Love you and miss you Mom!

Nick's Special Day with Grandma

Nick had an afternoon all to himself with his Grandma on the Monday she was here because it was a teacher workday so no school for him but his brother still had school. His Grandma spoiled him rotten and took him bowling and to the DQ. He loved all of the attention and loved going bowling. Nick really needs the one on one time and Jeremy and I try to make a concerted effort to do this with him at least once a month. This past weekend Nick and Jeremy had a Dudes Day and went to lunch and a movie. He is just the sweetest child when he is getting the love and attention he needs. God has really put it on my heart lately to try and say yes to the boys more then no. I have really been trying to make a conscious effort with both boys to do the simple little things they ask no matter how mind numbing or destructive or time consuming they may be. I think it is God's way of reminding me of how precious this time is and how fast it is going by and how much I am going to miss it when it is over.

Nick's first basketball scrimmage

Nick had his first basketball scrimmage while my Mom was here so we took some pictures. I was pretty far away so the pictures aren't that great. We only played a few weeks before the crappy league that we joined this year changed the day they were playing games on to Sundays which conflicted with Nick's Odyssey schedule so we bowed out of basketball. Nick was a little upset as he really enjoys basketball. One of the bummers of moving to a new area is that it takes a year or two to figure everything out and then when you do you move again. So we now know of a much better league and hopefully he will be able to play in that next year.

Aidans party and presents at home

After Chuck E Cheese we came home and opened presents and even our neighbors stopped by with a present to celebrate. We had a cake that I decorated with angry birds which is what Aidan asked for. By the time we got to cake time Aidan was exhausted and really didn't want anymore pictures taken. Aidan got lots of great things for his birthday from air craft carriers, to a keyboard, to a castle with knights and horses, to a club penguin gift card and a remote control car and a hex bug. He loved all of the gifts and plays with them everyday. Thanks to everyone for making Aidan's day so special.

Aidan turns 5 at Chuck E Cheese

Sorry it has been so long since I posted some pictures. It has been a busy month. My Mom came out to visit for Aidan's Birthday. Aidan turned 5. Nick has been busy with Odyssey, basketball, cub scouts, etc. and we took a weekend family trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. My camera is having issues and I can't find the battery pack. So most of these pictures came from my Mom and Jeremy's phone. For Aidan's birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese and both boys had a great time eating pizza and playing games. Grandma spoiled them with extra tokens and a birthday crown and cotton candy for dessert. Aidan said it was one of the best birthdays ever.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Little Military Man

I got some cute pictures of Aidan wearing his Daddy's hat the other day. He is obsessed with all things military right now. A little too obsessed with the Navy for his Air Force Dad's liking but he plays army guys or battleships or war pretty much all day every day. He checks out military books at the library that are way over his head and makes everyone that comes over play guns and army guys with him. I am hoping this is a short lived infatuation and not because I am against my children serving in the military but I am not really liking how excited he is to pretend to shoot and kill someone. I have tried to explain that in really life war is bad and it really hurts people but he can't get past that he is the good guy and the good guys win and so it is fun for him. Hopefully, in time we will be able to teach him a more balanced view on war but for now I will allow him to enjoy being a boy and using his imagination to shoot the bad guys.