Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The baseball season begins

Nick's baseball season officially started on Saturday with opening ceremonies and their first game. He is on the Yankees. I never thought I would see a NY yankee cap in my house since we are obviously Twins fans but you do what you have to do. Nick is really enjoying the year and has mainly been playing first base. They play with a pitching machine which actually pitches pretty fast. I remember playing coach's pitch at a little older then Nick and I am positive my coach's weren't slinging the ball as fast as the machine does. So far the team is 0-2 but the first game was really close at 3-2. They take their ball very seriously down here and play on an amazing field with lights and multi-story concession stand and an electronic scoreboard on every field. The parents are a little crazy too. They made everyone in the family get a team shirt. So Jeremy, Aidan, and I all have Yankee shirts that say Olson and #7 on the back. It is a little time consuming as they play Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday games and sometimes have a practice one night too but the weather couldn't be more beautiful right now to be sitting at the ball park and watching some games.

Thunderbirds at the Air Show

We went to the base's Air Show on Saturday and were able to see all kinds of cool planes from all over the military as well as the Air Force Thunderbirds who put on a great show. The boys were so in awe of the big planes as they roared overhead. It was a little warm and overcrowded but we had a great time. The pictures are from my phone so they aren't that good and I had no zoom function so I didn't get any good ones of the Thunderbirds.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Fun

Riding the train at the Zoo.

Nick measuring himself at the Zoo.

Aidan riding the horse at Chuck E Cheese.

Playing air hockey with G-ma at Chuck E Cheese.

Aidan bowling with some assistance.

Nick bowling all on his own. He beat all of us.

Aidan trying to do the rings with G-ma.

Aidan and G-Ma riding the train.

Aidan hiding in the hole from his brother.

Nick at the duck park.

Aidan and G-ma feeding the ducks.

Playing in the playzone at the gym.

Riding the rollercoaster on a bright sunny day.

Aidan playing basketball.

Aidan riding his bike on a long walk.

Aidan at Pump it Up on playgroup day.

We had a great Spring Break. We were able to do a lot of fun things with Grandma like Chuck E Cheese, Pump it Up, the Zoo, all of the parks around our house, the duck pond, and bowling but mainly we just relaxed at home which was perfect.

Grandma M. Visits

Grandma M. came to visit for Spring Break and we all had a great time with her. The boys were spoiled every minute of every day. They were so sad to see her go. Thank you Grandma M. for everything!

Jeremy turns 34!

Here are a few pics from Jeremy's B-day. He got Band Hero for his Birthday and is totally addicted. The whole family likes to play.