Sunday, February 21, 2010

BassMasters Classic 2010

We spent the day yesterday at the 2010 BassMasters Classic in Birmingham, AL. The top 50 anglers on the tour fished on Lay Lake over 3 days. We attended the second day of the tournament. They had a huge fishing/outdoor expo where they pretty much had everything you could ever dream about for fishing from boats, lures, poles, clothing etc. Needless to say that my boys were in Heaven. The little boys had a great time casting at all the practice stations and getting freebies as well as meeting many pro anglers and getting their signatures. We watched a little bit of the weigh in which is always the best part but Aidan had reached his breaking point about 20 anglers in so we went home after that. Jeremy enjoyed looking at his dream boats and talking fishing with all the dealers and seeing some of his fishing idols in person. All in all, it was a very fun day.

Breaking a Board at Karate

Nick broke his first board at Karate on Thursday. He was really nervous before class but he punched right through it with some serious force. He easily could have broken a much thicker board. He was so proud of himself afterwards. We did videotape it and it is really cool to watch in full motion so hopefully we can figure out how to get all the video off of our camera soon.

Nick's First Missing Tooth

Nick lost his first tooth last weekend. He was so excited as it had been loose for a while. It fell out while he ate a granola bar. We thought we lost it in our carpet but luckily we found it so we were able to put it under his pillow. The tooth fairy brought him $2. He is already looking forward to his next loose tooth.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

We had a rare day here in Alabama yesterday as it actually snowed. We got about 3 inches which I know isn't a big deal anywhere else but here it shut down the whole state. Everything was closed. It worked out great because both Nick and Jeremy have a 4 day weekend now. The boys had a blast playing in the snow making snow angels and snowmen and having snowball fights. I think Jeremy had more fun then the little boys. We played outside for 2 hours 2 seperate times. The great thing about it was that it was still fairly warm here at almost 30 degrees so it was enjoyable and today it is all going to melt. The best way to enjoy snow. We came in and enjoyed hot chocolate and ended the day watching the Olympics. The perfect start to a long weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mom and Me Movie Star Night

Nick and I went to Mom and Me night at our church on Monday night. He was so excited to have a night with just me and no Aidan. You were supposed to dress up and they had a red carpet like a movie premiere. It was very fun and we enjoyed a great dinner and a magic show. We both enjoyed the time together and we need to do more one on one dates more often.