Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Crazy Sleeper

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of my crazy little sleeper. He always seems to manage to get his feet stuck between the slats and he always wants his head underneath the blanket. I guess we will be getting him a full size bed when he outgrows his crib.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lemonade Stand

Nick convinced me he should have a Lemonade and cookie stand today. He has begging me all summer to have one. We made some chocolate chip cookies while Aidan took a nap and then set up the stand on our corner when Aidan woke up. Nick made a killing off of hungry teenage boys and the many construction workers that kept going past our house. Aidan was having as much fun saying Hi to everyone as his brother was. Nick says he is going to buy some new books to read with his money.

Nick's First Day of School

Nick just outside his classroom.
Nick at his desk in his classroom.
Nick without his school sweatshirt.

Today was Nick's first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited. It is all he has been talking about for weeks. He was a little tired this morning as he had to wake up at 6:30 this morning and didn't fall asleep until late last night despite being in his bed at 7AM. I drove him today since it was his first day although usually I will only drive on Thursdays. Aidan and I walked him to his classroom and helped him put his backpack away and then took a picture of him in his chair. Then Nick said you can go now Mom! And take Aidan with you! Aidan cried when we said goodbye because he wanted to stay and play but Mom did just fine. There were a lot of parents videotaping and taking pictures like the paparazzi so I felt like I did good. Of course I am already a bad parent according to Nick because I didn't pack his snack in his lunchbox. Everyone else brought their snack in their lunchboxes. I figured since they were only going a half day today that I could just put the snack in his backpack but I guess that isn't good enough. Live and learn. When I picked Nick up I asked him how his day went and he said it was boring! Of course he says that to just about everything these days so I am not sure what he really thought. He said it was a long day and he was too hot in his sweatshirt and he didn't know how to take it off. He was really hungry when he got home too and scarfed down a huge lunch. So tomorrow we will pack more of a snack. Hopefully, he will find his groove in the next few weeks. I apologize for the picture quality as my digital camera seems to be on the fritz. It is driving me insane.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daddy's Day Off

Jeremy and Nick on the Stampede waterslide.

I thought Nick would have a look of sheer terror on his face but he didn't seem too phased.

Cruising down the Big Waterslide!

Jeremy took Wednesday off to spend with the boys before Nick goes back to school next week. We decided to spend the day up at Lake Lopez at the Mustang Waterslides. It was almost 90 degrees and just a beautiful day to be in the pool. The water was shockingly cold at first but once you were wet and in it felt really good. All of the boys had a blast. Nick and his Daddy were able to go on the big slides this year which Nick thought was awesome. Even though he had a life jacket on he still rode with his Daddy. He probably could have gone by himself but Jeremy said they went really fast. Aidan loved going down the baby slides too. He would get mad when Jeremy and Nick would go off to the big slides and a couple of times we had to hike up and watch them because he got so mad. Jeremy and Nick also went on this big slide called the Stampede which Nick said was a little scary but was asking to go again afterwards. He is a little daredevil. At the end of three hours everyone was exhausted especially Jeremy who had to do all the walking up to the top of the big waterslides. Aidan fell asleep in the car before we even left the lake. All in all, a rare, fun day off in the middle of the week with Jeremy.

Nick on the little waterslides.

Aidan and Daddy on the little slides.

Nick and his Daddy on the big waterslides. Looks like Nick is being saved by the lifeguard but he actually swam over there by himself she was just helping him up the stairs.

Nick hiding under the waterfall mushroom.

Jeremy trying to go faster down the baby waterslides.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hiking in Gaviota

We attempted to hike up to the Wind Caves in Gaviota State Park on Sunday. I took both boys and the dog by myself on a 1000 ft elevation, 3 mile hike. Not sure exactly what made me think that would be a good idea. Nick has been really into hiking lately and so when I mentioned going on a hike he was all over it. I put Aidan in the backpack and let Maggie go off the leash as there wasn't really very many people out. Nick needed no assistance on this trail at all. I was dying by about half way up and was just dripping with sweat and the whole time Nick was saying Come on Mom! He just kept going and going. Some of the terrain was really difficult too. I was really impressed with how good of a climber he was. The poor dog just about died though. When we got to the top of the first hill the dog found a bush and just laid down and decided he wasn't going anymore. I gave her a whole bottle of water but she was done. So I decided we better give up and go back down. Nick was so upset because he said we were almost to the caves and he can make it and we could just leave the dog right there. After a drink and snack he calmed down and we were able to hike back down. Of course once we got back we had to check out the train tracks and bridge. So I promised Nick we would go back on another day with Daddy and without the dog so he can make it all the way to the windcaves.

Nick at the top of the Mountain. If you notice the bridge in the background that is where we started our hike from.

Nick extremely upset that we couldn't get all the way to the windcaves.

Aidan trying to climb like his big brother.

Poor Maggie couldn't make it any further.

Nick and his train bridge.

A Day at Avila Beach

We spent Saturday in Avila Beach. We went to the Barn and let the boys run around and feed the animals. Aidan loves feeding the animals so much that he keeps trying to pick up random grass and hay from the ground to try and feed them. They had the cutest little baby goats that were born on Nick's birthday. Of course the boys also had to have their favorite ice cream while there. I skipped the ice cream and had some corn on the cob. It was so fresh and tasty. We brought some corn home with us and it was just as good. Then we headed to the beach and hiked the pier and let the boys play in the sand. After the beach we went to Firestone Grill in SLO for some burgers. The boys loved that we got to sit at a table out on the patio. By the time we headed home both boys were so worn out and didn't say a peep on the entire ride home.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Vacation Pictures

The boys and I had an amazing summer vacation. We were kept busy almost the whole month with so many fun activities. We were able to see so many friends and family that we haven't seen in a while. We soaked up some sun and ate lots of good food and the boys got spoiled rotten. I took over 250+ pictures and between all the pictures my family took and sent to me I have over 700 pictures now from the month. I am going to try and put all of my favorites into a slideshow and post that soon but for now I have a few of my favorites from all of the major activites posted. Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer and having as much fun as we are. We are happy to be home but already miss everyone in Minnesota.

Feeding the Ducks at St. Kates

We walked up to St. Kates one day and went to the little pond and fed the ducks. The boys loved feeding the ducks. Aidan chucked his entire bun in the pond at once but the ducks didn't seem to care. He also tried to climb in the pond to swim with the ducks. We had to distract him All the kids found this great tree to climb in. Aunt Becky and Uncle George helped them hike all around the campus and through the trees. Nick and his cousin Bridgette managed to find tennis balls outside the tennis courts which were treasured the whole way home.

Bowling with Grandma

We went bowling with Grandma M., Grandma N.,Uncle Steve, Uncle Mike, and cousins Steve, Aaron, and Jenna and Great Grandma M. one day. The kids had a great time bumper bowling. Nick jumped up and down and was so excited when he got a strike. He actually beat his Mommy in the first game. After the first game the kids kind of started losing their interest and Mommy did much better then. After the bowling games we all hit McDonalds playland for some lunch.

Lots of Swimming

The whole month of July was spent in a swimsuit for my boys and they loved it. It was nice to finally see some temps above 70 to really be able to enjoy the water. The boys swam at the cabin and in the backyard, at Grandma's, at Fort Snelling Beach, and at the Andover YMCA Splash Zone. They are both little fish and love the water.