Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Aidan's class and Ms. Malloy

Today Aidan and I went to the pumpkin patch with his school. We went to Belverdere Plantation in Spotsylvania, VA. This place was amazing and a child's wonderland. They took the class on a tractor/hayride out to the pumpkin patch first where we literally picked our pumpkins right off the vine. Then we ate our picnic lunch with his class and then we were off on our own to explore all the fun things they had to do. They had bouncy houses, a barn with rope swings, 3 playgrounds, petal race tracks, sandbox, zip line, concessions, petting zoo where you could feed the animals, corn maze, a giant slide where you ride on a sack down(like the MN state fair) and so much more as well as a marketplace where you could buy fresh baked goods and pies and other pumpkins. Aidan had such a blast playing with his friends all day. He and I were both exhausted when we got home. We will definitely visit this place again.

Aidan riding his bike without training wheels

Well we finally taught Aidan how to ride his bike without the training wheels this weekend. It took maybe one hour this weekend of me running behind him and helping him start and stop and the next day he just took off all by himself and hasn't stopped since. Every 5 minutes he is outside riding his bike now. He really took to it a lot easier then I thought he might. I have a cute video of him riding his bike but I will post it to Facebook since this site takes forever to upload videos.

Football Cupcakes

Well last week Nick played Football in the rain which he didn't seem to care about but Aidan and I were freezing our butts off sitting under a blanket and umbrella on the sidelines. It was our day to bring snack so we brought these cute Football cupcakes and Gatorade. They were a huge hit! The picture doesn't do justice to how hard it was raining.