Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nick at T-Ball

Aidan and his girlfriend Lauren (Will's sister) hanging out watching the boys and eating all of Lauren's candy.

Will, Lauren, and Nicky before the game.

Nick on first base.

Nick on first base again.

Nick about to hit the ball.

Nick after he hit the ball.
Nick getting ready to hit.

Nick and his friend Meghan on the bench.

Nick and his best buddy Will.

Nick at home before the game.

Nick has been playing T-ball for almost a month now. They had been practicing for a few weeks and started playing games last week. I finally was able to get some pictures of him playing tonight. They play games every Tuesday night and Saturday morning and practice on Thursdays. It keeps us very busy. Nick is really enjoying it and really loves playing. He always wants to be the pitcher and always wants to bat first. Even though they don't keep score Nicholas always knows who is winning and how many outs his team has. His attention span is about as good as all of the other 5 and 6 year olds on his team and is often found daydreaming when the ball isn't coming near him. I just can't get over how grown up he looks in his baseball uniform with pants and cleats and everything. He will be playing real baseball before we know it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Sur Mud Run

Yesterday I completed the Big Sur Mud Run with four of my friends from the gym Phyllis, Eleanor, Olivia, and Erika. We had a great time getting down and dirty. You can see pictures of the course at http://www.bigsurmudrun.org It was pretty crazy with mud pits and climbing walls and since it was in Monterey it was really hilly. You can't really tell in this picture but we were super muddy. My friend Olivia who is standing next to me on the right was wearing a white shirt. We have a bunch more races on the calendar this year. We are doing the YMCA triathlon in April and the Bull Canyon and Cayucos Rock 'n' Roll run in May. I will try to post more pics in a few days when I get my CD from Eleanor. My friend Erika's daughter came with us and took a ton of pictures of us in the mud pits and crossing the finish line.

Sticky Hair

Aidan got a roll of stickers from the check-out lady at the grocery store and proceeded to stick them all in his hair on the ride home. They were so stuck in there. I tried to wait until after his bath to see if they would come a little less stuck but it didn't really help much. Jeremy yanked them out really fast before bedtime and Aidan cried for a good ten minutes. Hopefully, he will remember that stickers in the hair hurt!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Nick was very excited that it was St. Patrick's Day today not only because he didn't have to wear his uniform but because he was able to wear his silly green hat. Next year we might have to find a new fun hat because that one is getting too small. St. Patrick's Day is Jeremy's favorite holiday so we are having a special dinner which Nick is helping me make of Irish Whiskey steak, green mashed potatoes, green pistachio jello salad, Irish Soda bread, and green beans followed by green(mint) ice cream and shamrock cookies. We are having our neighbors over because her husband is out of town this week. Of course for Jeremy this will be accompanied by Guinness and some Jaimeson which is the reason he loves this holiday so much. Hope everyone is kicking back and enjoying the day!

A Special Day Out

Nick didn't have school yesterday so after we went to the gym we decided to take a special outing to Chuck E Cheese. The boys had a blast! They were so busy playing games that I couldn't get them to stop to eat their pizza. We were the only people in there because the rest of the schools in the area had school so I ate my salad bar in peace and quiet and didn't have to worry about the boys getting into trouble. It was the only time ever that I have actually enjoyed Chuck E Cheese. Aidan figured out if you walk up to the top of the skee ball with the balls you can get them in all the holes and get more tickets. Luckily, the staff didn't seem to care. Nick played air hockey with me twice and with Aidan once. He won all three times although it wasn't exactly fair with Aidan since he could barely reach the table. Of course the boys are already asking when we can go back and I told Nick maybe for his birthday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karate Roller Skating Party

Yesterday, Nick's Karate school hosted a Roller Skating Party. Nick had a hard time learning to skate but he seemed to really enjoy it. After an hour of skating Nick and most of the other young kids gave up skating in favor or riding some roller board things. They had way more fun doing that! He didn't want to leave.

A hike at Nojoquoi Falls

Last weekend we went to Nojoquoi Falls and hiked the half mile up to the waterfall. Despite an average year of rainfall this year there wasn't much water coming over the Falls. The boys had a great time hiking and climbing on the rocks and hills.

The Ash Wednesday Disaster

Nicholas was just out of sorts on the morning of Ash Wednesday and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He was just dragging his feet on going to school and said he was sick and didn't want to go. I eventually got it out of him that he was afraid of getting ash on his head at Ash Wednesday Mass at school. Someone at school (older kids) told him it was going to burn since it was ash(from a fire or so he thought). So his OCD went into overdrive and he was terrified to go and threw a huge temper tantrum and cried all through our morning routine. Being the mean Mom that I am I sent him to school in the carpool anyways. And as you can see in the pictures he got Ash on his head and was just fine.

Aidan's new bed

Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted pics but we have been crazy busy and sick this winter. So I am going to post a bunch now. Anyways, we finally put Aidan in a big bed and took his crib down since he wasn't sleeping in his crib at all. It was kind of sad to take the crib down but everyone has been happier since he got a new bed. I wanted to get him a Full size bed but Jeremy voted for the twin and so far it is working just fine although he doesn't always stay in his bed all night long. We are trying to work on that.