Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nicks Third Grade Musical

Nick performed in his third grade musical on Wednesday night called How does your Garden Grow. Jeremy took the pictures and video because I helped backstage with make-up and costumes and scene changes. I got to see it twice the day before at dress rehersal. It was super cute and it is pretty amazing what they can accomplish when you have 6 third grade classes of kids. Nick was the lead weed rapper which required only one speaking line. He did great and he really seemed to enjoy himself.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Favorite Game Night Game

The boys got Mouse Trap with some of their Christmas money and they are both obsessed. We have played this game so many times it isn't even funny. It has changed a little since I was a kid but the basic concept of getting your mouse caught under the trap is the same. Aidan seems to win every time we play which only reinforces his love for this game. Every time we have a game night he says lets play Mouse Trap!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Tonight we celebrated Jeremy's 36th birthday. We had cake and ice cream and he opened some presents. He got some of his favorite beer from California and some new clothes as well as a large gift card to bass pro to do some shopping. Happy Birthday Jer! We love you and are so thankful for all you do for our family.

Bingo Night

Nick singing and dancing during one of the breaks between games.

Nick's school had bingo night the other weekend which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. It was way too crowded in the room because they had lots of people show up unannounced. They served pizza and goodies and had all kinds of amazing prizes donated from 8 person parties at Chuck E Cheese and Laser Quest to spa packages and vacations. We never won and between the four of us we never really even came close but it supported the school so that is all that counts I guess.

Aidan has surgery

This is a picture from when Aidan got his third set of ear tubes at Fort Belvoir. They were wonderful there. The nurses even put a mask on his little wolf that he carries with him everywhere. He got it at the Great Wolf Lodge and even built it a home under his bed. Hopefully, the third time is a charm and we never have to put this one under anesthesia ever again.

Great Wolf Lodge

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge over SuperBowl Weekend. We were supposed to go for Aidan's birthday weekend but ended up moving it back because of Jeremy's work schedule and Aidan being sick. We had a great time and the kids loved it so much they were so exhausted they were almost sick by the end of the first night. It is crazy expensive so I don't know if we will do it again anytime soon but it was definitely worth doing once. Nick and his Dad did the MagiQuest adventure where you use a wand to discover the hidden treasure all over the hotel. It was really cool but literally they were up until midnight because Nick wouldn't give up until he had finished the game. Aidan and I went bowling and to the arcade and both boys had sweets and treats galore while we were there. There favorite parts of the water park were the lily pads, and the giant water slides that required intertubes. The biggest water slide was broken down while we were there which really bummed Nick out because he looked forward to going on the Tornado. I was amazed that both boys did the body surfing. I was not nearly that brave. Nick got flung off of it his first time but Aidan did it on his first try and loved it. Aidan also loved the lazy river and not because he lazily floated around it but because it was fairly shallow he just hopped out of his intertube and swam along faster then the intertubes. All in all, it was a great family weekend with lots of memories that I will cherish forever.