Monday, April 26, 2010

Biscuits Baseball

On Sunday we went to a Biscuits Baseball game. The Biscuits are Montgomery's minor league team. We had awesome seats right behind home plate although the stadium is the size that there really isn't a bad seat in the entire place. It was Kid's Day at the park and they really catered to the kids. They had a craft station where you could make fans and megaphones. They also had a bouncy house area next to the built in playground. At the end of the game they let the kids run the bases and they got a free pop. The boys loved Big Mo who is the mascot and loved running the bases. Nick is obsessed with baseball right now and enjoyed every minute of the game. Aidan just loved the ice cream, bouncy houses, and the fact that trains went right by the stadium. We will definitely go back and see more games this season.

Marathon Weekend

I completed the Nashville 1/2 marathon this weekend in a little over 2 hours. It was a beautiful course that started at the Partheon on Vanderbilt's campus and ran through the music district and ended in LP stadium where the Tennesse Titans play which is right along the river. It was fun but exhausting. I was thankful for my training partner Kerry being at my side the whole race as well as her friend Mary who came down to run the race with us. It was a very hilly course and was a little too humid from the approaching thunderstorms but we survived. Some of the exciting things from the day included passing the red team from the current season of Biggest Loser, two very tall men who were wearing full suits, the man at mile 11 who passed out and hit the pavement and needed EMT services, the tu-tu girls who were wearing tiaras, and the lady at mile 8 who was passing out Krispy Kremes saying they were just like a gel pack. We were a little disappointed with 33,000 people that there weren't more crazies to watch. All in all, I am glad I did it and am glad I am back to being able to run long runs. I don't think I will be doing another race of that distance for a while though. I am sorry that these are the only pictures I took all weekend but I didn't want to carry a camera through the race and we didn't want to risk checking one. I will have to post some pictures from the actual race after I see them on the website.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aidan's Surgery

Aidan had repeat ear tube surgery this morning as well as they took his adenoids out. He did really well and really for the first time didn't wake up screaming and crying from anesthesia which was a nice change. We thought he might put up a big fuss about going back unsedated because he hates doctors right now and was clinging to Daddy for dear life when we arrived but the wonderful nurses there convinced him to come back and get bubble gum through the mask and he literally walked hand in hand with the nurse talking the whole way back to the operating room which also is a nice change from them peeling him off of us screaming. The Dr. said that both ears were infected again and his adenoids were so large that it was a good chance that his sleep disturbances might have been from the large adenoids obstructing his airway. So that made us feel better that we went ahead and did the surgery. One can hope that this is the answer for poor Aidan and that he sleeps and eats better after this. Unlike his first ear tube surgery where within an hour of surgery he was bouncing around like a mad man he has been pretty tired and just laying low. He is milking the ice cream and Popsicles for all it is worth though. Hopefully, he will be back to his normal silly self tomorrow and hopefully this will keep us out of the doctors office for a while.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 31 on Monday and had a great birthday. I have been so blessed by great friendships here and have been spoiled for days from friends that took me out to dinner and shopping, my running partner who got up extra early to run 5 miles with me on my b-day and brought me a present. Then my Mom's group at church celebrated with me in the morning and my ACSC playgroup Mom's went out to dinner with me on Monday night and brought me cake and a balloon and presents. It was so fun. I haven't laughed that hard in years. I was also blessed to have some friends over on Sunday night for a barbeque which we got perfect 80 degree weather for and were really able to relax and enjoy the weather outside on our patio. I look forward to also ringing in my 31rst year this weekend at my marathon. I have so much to be thankful for and am thankful for each day God grants me.

Playing in the creek

On Friday we met some friends at the park in Millbrook and we all enjoyed a beautiful 87 degree afternoon. It wasn't long before the kids ended up in the little creek that runs through the park. Of course, they all ended up soaked and we had to take them home in their underwear. They didn't care though because they had a blast and were totally exhausted from running around for 3 hours.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ben's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to Nick's best bud Ben's 8th Birthday party. The boys had a blast at the Star Wars themed party. They were happy to just run around and play. They were able to go swimming for a little bit in the hot-tub on their deck since it was such a beautiful day. Both boys were exhausted when we left. Thank you to the Mullens for such a fun day and the wonderful friendship this year!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thomas the Train

Aidan and I went to Day out with Thomas in Calera, AL on Friday. Aidan was in choo-choo heaven. We went to this same event in Minnesota with Nick but this one was so much more fun and had so much more free stuff to do as well as the people were so much happier and more interested in your kid having a wonderful experience and not so much on selling their product. We have been to this train station twice now for other train rides and the people who work there (all volunteer) are so sweet and just truly want you to have a great time. They had games, bouncy houses, mini-golf, petting zoo, sand castle building, bubble station, mega-blocks and many train playing stations, storytelling station, kiddie music station, and so much more all for free. They still had lots of product and food they were selling. We rode in the long island car on our 25 minute train ride. The last time we rode in the open-air car which actually was more fun. Aidan had fun looking at all the other trains they have at the museum as much as he loved seeing Thomas. He was braver then his brother and actually got his picture taken with Sir Topham Hat. He cried so hard when we left because he said he loves Thomas and wants to come see him again. We will definitely head to this event again and any other ones they do here in Calera.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter here today. The boys got up early and searched for their Easter baskets and then went on an Egg hunt. We are still finding eggs since the Easter bunny hid them so well. Then we had a wonderful brunch and headed to church. After church we had lunch and headed to the lake for the rest of the day. It was gorgeous here today at 85 and sunny. Perfect day to be on the water. We only caught 3 fish all afternoon but the boys had a blast. We broke up the hours of fishing with a stop at the sandbar to let the boys out to run around and play in the water. Next time we will wear swimsuits as they were soaking when we left the sandbar. It is supposed to stay hot here this week as it is supposed to be close to 90 tomorrow. I would love to turn the A/C on but it cools down so nicely at night that it is hard to justify at this point but it might not be much longer that we survive without it on. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and spent some time reflecting on the amazing gift we received on Easter. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!