Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Summer is definitely here already! It was another beautiful day here. It was close to 90 degrees with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. We brought the pools out after church at 10AM and suddenly we had a block party going on outside with all of the neighborhood children over swimming and running in the sprinker. Both boys had a blast and were so worn out from all the running around that they are konked out napping now. Hope the warm weather comes everyone else's way soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Santa Maria Triathlon

I finished my first Triathalon of the year in just under 2 hours which is about where I thought I would finish despite a very warm and windy day. It has been so beautiful here. It was 86 degrees when I finished the race so it was pretty hot out. The boys had a good time with the bouncy house and carnival games and eating all my hard earned food. We were all really worn out and took a family nap this afternoon. We are thinking about hitting the Strawberry festival tomorrow but we'll see how warm it is. The strawberries have been so wonderful lately. We have eaten 2 cases of strawberries since Monday. There is nothing better then a California strawberry in April. They are so sweet and huge. I'll try to post some more pictures from the tri when my friend Olivia sends me hers because Jeremy didn't take very many pics since he was distracted with the two boys.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nick's Garage Sale Find

The base had a huge base-wide Garage sale on Saturday morning so we went to over 25 garage sales and Nick brought $3 in quarters from his Easter Egg money and he kept searching and searching for the perfect toy and finally at one of the last ones we went to he found a Power Wheels Jeep for $2. It works great and he has never been happier with his purchasing power. He told the lady at the Garage sale that he had been wanting one of these his whole life. We just laughed.

Paso Robles Half Marathon

Jeremy ran the Paso Robles half marathon today and did great. He finished in exactly 2 hours. It was incredibly hot out there (in the 90's) and he still managed to cruise right along. We cheered really hard for him when he got near the finish line. Nick also ran in the kids 1/2 mile race and did wonderful too. He went so fast I thought he might putter out and not make it but he ran the whole way and finished with kids a lot older then him. He was so proud when he crossed the finish line and got his medal. I was so proud of both my boys today. Paso Robles put on a great race and it had so many things to keep the kids entertained. They had a bouncy house, a magician, and a balloon animal guy and they put on a great breakfast after the race. The pictures of Jeremy in the group are all his co-workers that also did the race.

The Hotel Pool

The boys and I hit the hotel swimming pool yesterday in order to let Jeremy rest up for his big race. He didn't get in until early Saturday morning from Colorado and was feeling a little tired. The boys did so well at the hotel and we had a great time just hanging out at the hotel. The hotel was right next to a train track and Nick got to see a huge train go by and stated that he was the luckiest boy in the world to be at a hotel by a train track. He definitely has his Grandpas obsession with trains. We walked down the street for dinner and then went to bed early since we had to be up at 6AM in order to get Jeremy to the race on time.

Swimming in the Backyard

It has been beautiful here this weekend. It was almost 80 here on Friday so we had a backyard swimming day. The boys swam with their friends Maggie, Jack, and Grant. They had a great time. Aidan loves the water and tries to copy the big kids in everything they do. We are hoping the warm weather will continue so we can have many more swimming days.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Aidan's 5th Birthday Party

Today we went to Nick's friend Big Aidan's (we call him Big Aidan because our Aidan is little Aidan) 5th birthday party. He had a swimming party at the Lompoc Aquatic Center. Both boys had a great time. We were so busy swimming that we didn't really get time to take any pictures. I literally couldn't get Nick to stay in one place long enough to get a picture. He was playing sharks with his friends and running up and down the play structure for the whole 2 hours. Aidan and I went down the slides quite a few times but mainly played in the shallow area where he could sit comfortably by himself. We were all worn out and ready for bed tonight.

Avila Valley Barn

We went up to the Barn on Friday and the kids had a great time. Aidan was so fasicanted with the animals. He loved feeding them. He thought they were so funny and was not afraid to feed them at all. I was paranoid that he was going to get a finger bit off though because he kept trying to pet them and kept reaching in without food in his hands. Nick got nipped pretty good at his age and still doesn't like to feed them all that much. Nick just chucks the food over top of the fence. I forgot how interesting and fun it is for the little ones at the Barn. They just love running around the farm. Of course, we stopped at the ice cream shop and had some ice cream before we went home too.