Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer Video

Nick wanted me to put some video of him playing soccer up on the blog for his Grandma to see but after uploading this one I am giving up. It takes way too long to upload video on this site. So sorry it isn't the best video we took but it will have to do for now. Sorry Nicky!

Another Beautiful Week

It was another beautiful week here. October is really one of the best months to live here. There is little fog and lots of heat. It feels more like summer then Fall here. It has been in the high 80's all week. The boys have had the slip and slide and pool out all week. It has been so warm that it has been hard to fall asleep at night. On Friday night we got to see a rocket launch and it was the perfect night for a launch. It was clear and warm. It was by far one of the coolest launches we have seen because the weather was so nice you could see the initial launch off the ground. It just lit up the pitch black sky. It was like the sun came back out. Then you could see the fireworks display when the rocket broke away from the satellite. The kids were in awe.

We found out this week that we are for sure going to Alabama. Since I thought it was hot this week I am not sure how I am going to survive in Alabama but I am sure we will make do for the 10 months or so that we will be there. We are already looking at houses to rent and there are so many nice houses we can't wait. No more construction zone. YEAH! We will keep you all posted as the move draws closer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Avila Valley Barn on Sunday to look for a pumpkin. Aidan fell asleep on the ride there so Nick and I went on the hayride while Daddy and Aidan slept in the car. We went on the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patches and searched for quite a while for a pumpkin. Nick kept saying each one wasn't big enough. Finally, we found one that was perfect. We then hopped on the tractor ride back up to play in the haybale mazes. Nick went through the adult maze at least 10 times. Of course the one time he took his Daddy he managed to get lost. Aidan enjoyed the animals especially the goats and the kiddy haybale maze. There were way too many people there though and so we didn't buy anything other then the pumpkins. Usually, we get fruit, and apple pie, and hit the ice cream shop or the corn stand but literally there were at least 500 people there. It was insane. The boys had a great time but if we had to do it again we would not go again on a weekend.