Monday, July 30, 2012

Jack's Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to Aidan's friend from school Jack's 5th Birthday party. It was a bowling birthday and the kids had a great time. Aidan was showing off his bowling skills to all his classmates most of whom have never bowled before. Nick and I got our own lane and bowled so we didn't take up space at the birthday party. They had tons of food so Nick got to share in the fun too. We will miss all of our St. Matthews classmates this year. Happy Birthday Jack!

Friday, July 27, 2012

OpLove Photo Shoot

Right before Jeremy left for his deployment we did a photo shoot using the non-profit Operation Love. Basically they hook you up with a local photographer who then takes family photos for you and then sends a book to the deployed family member while he is away. Our photographer Megan Hubbard was so wonderful. She also gave us a CD of all the photos she took in both color and black and white. Of course we had the usual non cooperation from all 3 boys in the household but we managed to get a few good shots. Here are a few of my favorites from the day. 

Baseball camp

Nick was at baseball camp all week and loved it. It was crazy hot all week and he was exhausted after 6 hours every day. They played baseball for 5 hours and the last hour they got to do water bouncy houses which he loved too. He seemed to learn a lot. The camp was run by Mike Colangelo a former Oakland Athletics who grew up here. He runs it with a bunch of his major league friends. They really knew what they were talking about but also had such a great ability to keep it age appropriate. We are thinking about doing his pitching and hitting clinics this winter too.

These are a few videos from the last day of Nick playing on the water bouncy houses.

Chef Camp

 His prize for winning the quiet contest. Don't know how he won.

 Giving buddy Jonathan a hug goodbye.

Aidan went to chef camp this week and had a great time. His Dad was a little worried that he would be the only boy but there were 4 boys and only 2 girls. They made all kinds of good food each day which Aidan enjoyed making more then eating. They made chef hats and aprons too. He had a great time with his friend Jonathan from swim camp.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kids N Motion

Yesterday we went with the neighbors to Kids N Motion which is a bouncy house place down the street. All the kids had such a great time but were thoroughly exhausted and sweaty by the end. After Kids N Motion we went and had Chick Fil A for dinner. Ours had been closed for the last few months for renovations and we are happy it is open again. 

 My neighbors little boy who is so cute. He is all boy and he loved the slides.

The new cow at Chick Fil A.

Here are a few videos of the boys sliding.