Friday, October 29, 2010

Nick's School Halloween Party

Nick also had a Halloween party at school today. They had to wear a costume from a book they read. So Nick still wore his Joe Mauer outfit and he brought the Mighty Casey at Bat book. They had a parade and lots of snacks and face painting in their classroom. Then they went outside and played games. They played Mummy wrap, Pumpkin Ring Toss, Eyeball bounce in a pumpkin, pumpkin bowling, and pin the nose on the pumpkin. All the kids had a blast and it was really fun to help out in his classroom today without Aidan running under tow.

Aidan's School Halloween Party

Too tired to walk anymore.

Aidan's school had a huge Fall Festival today. Each classroom did a game and all the classes rotated through each classroom and received a prize for each game they played. After they finished playing all their games they went back to their room and had lunch with pizza, fruit, chips, cookies and cupcakes. Aidan had so much fun he fell asleep in the car on the ride home from school. It has been a busy few days but the boys have had a blast.

Prattville Candy Walk

Nick wearing his brother's costume.
Nick and Keegan having a serious conversation while waiting in line.

Digging in the M&M for candy.

Last night we went to our towns candy walk. They close off the entire Historic District of the town and all of the business owners sit outside their shop and pass out candy to the kids. It was really cute. They ask that you bring canned food for the food shelf in return. We met my good friend Tanya and her cute kids and spent the hour walking around getting candy. Nick's highlight of the evening is when he yelled Roll Tide to the business owner who was wearing an Alabama shirt and he said that deserved extra candy. We will be sad to move away from this town next year as it is just a really great kid-friendly town. And yes Nick is wearing his second costume Mario. He really needs to add a pillow in the tummy because he doesn't have enough roundness to be Mario. Both of the boys have worn multiple costumes this week. The joy of having lots of hand me downs to choose from.

Playgroup Halloween Party

Yesterday Aidan's playgroup had a Halloween party at my good friend Amy's house. It had rained the night before so we spent most of the morning playing inside but ended the morning playing outside and doing the pinata outside. Everyone brought treats and their was so much yummy food. There were witch cookies, dirt dessert with worms, pumpkin jigglers, and moonpie owls. My friend Amy made the cutest goodie bags from scratch for the loot from the pinata. They were adorable little ghost and pumpkin bags. She is so creative! The kids had a great time and the Moms had an even better time.

Lunch with Nick

My Mom and I surprised Nick with Subway for lunch at his school this week. When we arrived at his classroom he had the biggest smile on his face and got up and ran across the room and hugged us. He was so excited and had a smile on his face the whole time we were there. I need to go have lunch with him more often because he loved every second of it.

Nick's Last Baseball Game

Nick had his last baseball game of the Fall season last week and they had a little ceremony afterward where they got medals. Nick was so happy that his Grandma was there to see his final game and he played great and got 2 hits. He has loved every minute of baseball and can't wait for Spring ball.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We sat outside today and carved our pumpkins. Aidan has been asking to carve his pumpkin for weeks. It was almost hot outside again today. It was in the high 80's. Nick carved his all by himself with no help from us. Aidan and I carved his pumpkin with some help from Grandma. I am enjoying this month and all the fun activities so much. I love FALL!

ACSC Fall Fest

Last night we went to Jeremy's old works Fall Fest. Just like last year the boys had a blast trick or treating in all of the classrooms, playing games, watching the magician, doing crafts, playing in the fire truck, and eating lots of good food. My Batman and Joe Mauer are so cute if I do say so myself.

Spinners Arts & Crafts Festival

Yesterday we went to Spinners Park in our town where they had a big Arts and Crafts Festival. They had so many cute booths with everything from handbags, clothes and jewelry to ornaments and Christmas stuff. They had a huge child area with games and bouncers and train rides and pony rides. They also had a classic car show. The kids had a great time and of course were spoiled by Grandma who let them do everything and bought them ice cream. You couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day to be outside.