Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opening Day of Baseball

We got a beautiful day for the first games of the season. It was in the mid 70's and a little overcast so the sun wasn't beating down on you which was nice. Both boys had games at the same time so I didn't get very many pictures of Nick since I dropped him off at his game and then stayed with Aidan at his game. Aidan is on the RockHounds. All the t-ball teams are minor league teams. The Rockhounds are a AA team which is part of the Oakland Athletics organization. They play in Midland, Texas. Aidan did great and hit the ball well. His team still tries to tackle each other every time the ball is hit but they are learning. Nick's team The Marlins beat the Red Sox 11-8. They are wearing the Florida Marlins jersey not the Miami Marlins jersey because all the older kids are wearing retro jerseys for the leagues 50th anniversary. This is the first year where the kids are pitching and there is a lot of learning going on there too. There were a lot of walks and wild pitches. Nick pitched two innings and got 4 strike outs and didn't walk anybody so I thought that was great for his first time pitching in a game ever. We made it back in the third inning of his game just in time to see him strike someone out. I will try to post some video I took later of them hitting if blogger cooperates and I will try to take video of Nick pitching this week and post it.

Opening Ceremonies of Baseball

Friday night the Woodbridge Little League kicked off their season with an opening ceremonies at Veterans Park which is a huge complex where they play. It is their 50th season so they made a big deal of it. The kids all marched with their teams around the field carrying their sponsorship banners. They had a color guard and an airplane flyover after the National anthem which was amazing. The kids got free cupcakes from one of the bakery sponsors and free drinks at the concession stand. We ate dinner at the park and stayed and watched one of the Majors games. It was a fun night and a great way to kick off the season. I have some cute videos of them running around the field with their teams but Blogger isn't letting me upload them right now for some reason. I will try again later.

Lego Club

Last Wednesday, I had to chaperone at Lego Club. You have to commit to one week for the semester in order for your child to participate. So I was able to take a few pictures of the boys building. I think Aidan had more fun then his brother but Nick seemed to enjoy himself too. Their school is trying to get a grant to start a Lego Robotics club next year which would be really cool.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of our family and friends. Today the boys got up and found their Easter baskets and then we had their favorite breakfast cinnamon rolls and smoothies and headed to church. We met some friends for brunch after church and then had a huge egg hunt with our neighbors. There were so many eggs to collect that they had to fill their baskets twice. The weather is absolutely gorgeous today and we are hoping to go for a walk or bike ride later and fly the new kites that were in the Easter basket that our neighbors left on our front porch this morning for the kids. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Missing you all!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bowling with the Easter Bunny

Today we got up early hit the gym for an hour and then headed to Fort Belvoir to bowl with the Easter Bunny. They had an Easter Egg hunt too but we didn't make it there in time. The boys enjoyed the cosmic bowling. We had a great time and finally got to see the Easter Bunny somewhere. Sorry for a few of the blurry pictures but my camera didn't really like the disco moving lights.

Fishing in the Neighborhood Pool

In our housing subdivision there are 5 different pools and each year before they open up in the spring they use one of them for a fishing derby fundraiser. They stock the pool with 750 trout and let people come in and fish them out for a fee. Of course this is right up my boys alleys. It however is not my area of expertise and their was a lot of whining that if Daddy was here he would have pulled out all the fish by now. We didn't catch a thing the entire 2 hours we were there. We saw some other people pull a couple out. They had brought their own fishing poles and worms and lures which I didn't know you could do. So Aidan was also mad that he didn't have his cool little casting fishing pole and was relegated to sitting still with a cane pole that they gave us. So it wasn't a very successful outing. Aidan still had a lot of fun and was amazed that the fish were eating marshmallows. We saw more frogs and grasshoppers in the pool then fish. Thankfully, this is not the pool closest to our house because even though I know they empty it and scrub it and chemical it up I am still a little grossed out by seeing it all nasty yesterday and don't think I could take the kids there in a few more weeks when it opens.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

On Thursday we finally got around to dyeing eggs. I wouldn't say this was our best effort this year. First of all, I overcooked the eggs a hare so a few of them had cracks in them and then I was all out of white vinegar and so I figured using my apple cider vinegar would be o.k. but they didn't turn out nearly as bright as they usually do and some of the eggs kind of had a weird look to them. The boys didn't seem to care about either of these things and just liked turning their eggs and fighting over who got what sticker to put on them. It seems like a waste of a couple dozen eggs to me since Jeremy is the only one who eats hard boiled eggs at our house and he is in Colorado for the whole month of April. The things we do for our kids.