Monday, December 29, 2008

My Super Heros

Nick got a bunch of Super Hero stuff for Christmas including Iron-Man and Batman. He loves the Batman stuff and has been wearing it around the neighborhood to play with all the boys. Aidan loves the Batman stuff too but the backpack is so big he falls over when he trys to put it on. So he mainly plays with the sword from Uncle Jake and whacks everyone he can get close to.

The Choo-Choo

Here are a few pictures of our little engineers enjoying their new train set. I think Grandpa had as much fun with it as the boys did. Nick is already a good driver and builder. He built a train station for it with his new lincoln logs.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Grandpa Elevator

Aidan loves for his Grandpa to do the Elevator with him. He laughs so hysterically when my Dad lifts him up and he says more over and over again. He does this 3-2-1 blastoff countdown now and he just gets so excited over the smallest things. He is turning out to be such a character and it is so much fun to hear him talk more and more each day. Although currently his favorite sayings are No way! and Go away! so we are definitely cherishing the laughter and sweetness when we can.

Christmas Morning

We had another wonderful Christmas morning at our house. The boys were up bright and early. Aidan woke at 5AM and luckily waited in his Grandma's bed with her until 6AM. Nicky woke at 6:15 and proceeded to wake up the rest of the house so that he could start opening presents. Santa was very good to everyone at the Olson house especially the three boys. Santa brought the entire family a huge Lionel electric train set. Santa brought Nicholas a very coveted Nintendo DS with games and Santa brought Aidan a Thomas the train scooter. We opened presents for almost 3 hours there were so many under our tree. It probably could have gone faster had we not needed to open, assemble and play with each one after unwrapping. Aidan was kind of overwhelmed with it all. He was super excited to pass out presents but after he opened 2 of his presents he gave up and didn't open another one for 2 hours. He was just so excited to see what everyone else got. Nick's favorites included Lincoln Logs, Superhero stuff, and some guns. Aidan's favorites included a huge digger, Wow, Wow, Wubbzy DVD, and a rocket. Jeremy's favorite's were his Fishing Giftcard and his poker chip set. My favorite is my new bike rack for my car. The grandparents enjoyed getting to help the boys play with all their new toys. Everyone got so many wonderful things that we are going to be playing until we move. Thanks to everyone who sent us presents. We miss you all and wish you were here to share in all the fun. We hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Here are a few pics from Christmas Eve. We went to the candelight service at Church and then we left reindeer food on the lawn so they could find our house and left our cookies out for Santa. Nick had the hardest time settling down. He was so excited. It was so fun and enjoyable to see Christmas through his eyes. He must of asked 500 times if Santa was coming tonight or not. Luckily, by the time I finished my carmel rolls for breakfast he was fast asleep.

Baking Cookies with Grandma

Nicholas, Aidan and their Grandma M. baked sugar cookies on Christmas Eve so they would have some cookies to leave out for Santa. Nicholas was a very good helper and was very good at cutting out cookies, and frosting and decorating them. Aidan was a good helper too but he kept smooshing the cut cookies before we could bake them and pretty much just ate the frosting and sprinkles without ever adding them to a cookie. Nicky ate quite a bit of raw cookie dough too. For every one he cut he would eat all the trimming around it. It is amazing we got as many cookies as we did. Even with all the help they turned out awesome and I am going to have to do at least 3 triathlons this spring in order to burn off all the millions of cookies I have eaten in the last few weeks.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Silly Boys at the Mall

We went to the Santa Maria Mall to visit the Railroad museum and the boys ended up playing in the Kid Zone for a while and we snapped a few photos of them being silly. They have been extra silly for their Grandparents this week.

Grover Beach

After the trains we headed down the street to Grover Beach. It is one of our favorite beaches because it isn't as crowded as some of the more touristy beaches like Pismo and Avila. Nick was rather mad when he found out we didn't bring his swimsuit. I mean who doesn't want to go swimming in a freezing cold ocean when it is only 58 degrees. Regardless, they had a blast walking out on the boardwalk and playing in the sand. Despite it not being incredibly warm it was a beautiful sunny day here with very little wind which can be rare this time of year. Plus my parents keep trying to convince me that 60 degrees is warm not cold. They keep saying it could be snowing and cold like in Minnesota. I keep reminding them that is why we don't go home in the winter time anymore.

Bitter Creek Western Railroad

We went to the Bitter Creek Western Railroad in Arroyo Grande today. Grandpa M. and the boys were in Heaven. Both Nick and Aidan loved riding on the trains. We packed a picnic lunch and ate it on their benches while we watched the trains go around. Grandpa and the boys got a special backstage tour/walk around the entire railroad and they all loved every minute of it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Playing Bingo with Grandma

Aidan making a mess with his French Toast

We went to Breakfast with Santa this morning on base. They had a buffet breakfast of french toast, eggs, sausage, rolls, juice, and milk. The kids had lots of fun playing the games and doing the crafts after breakfast. Nicholas sat on Santa's lap and asked him for a Transformer. Aidan wouldn't go near Santa. He just took the candy cane and ran away. Nick and his two Grandmas played Bingo for a long time. He was bummed every time someone yelled out Bingo because he really wanted to win. All in all, it was a really fun morning and the Grandparents got to enjoy all the photo opportunities too.