Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Apricot bugs

 Fruit Kebob swords

 Cupcakes the kids made during our Hurricane days

 The candy give away bucket which was the perfect amount this year. 

 Before they got dressed with our giant pumpkin

 Our jack-o-lantern pizza

 Pikachu the Pokemon and Soldier Aidan

 Nick wanted to make sure Daddy saw his tail

 The two soldiers. Can you tell who we miss this year?

 The boys with best friend and neighbor Caroline who is the main character in Brave.

 The pumpkins finally put back outside after the Hurricane.

 The little neighbor boy who was Thomas the Tank Engine.

 All the neighbor kids.

 Trick or Treating

The pumpkins all lit up!

Happy Halloween. We had a great night. Nick was the Pokemon Pikachu and Aidan was an Air Force soldier. Aidan begged me to dress up with him so I was a soldier too. Can you tell we miss Jeremy? We live in the best neighborhood to be a kid. So many people decorated their houses and everyone was out just hanging out in the streets having block parties. Our neighbors again put on this awesome FBI crime scene display where he laid in the body bag and scared kids all night. It was awesome. We had a huge potluck with the neighbors in our little pipestem and just hung out. I took the kids down most of the whole block and when Aidan got tired Mr. Chris took the big kids the rest of the way so we could come back. They got so much candy it is ridiculous. Nick has two full pumpkins of candy and they each had at least 10 full size candy bars. I will let them devour for a few days and then we are going to donate it somewhere because no one needs that much candy. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

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